How Mobile Is Molly's Domicile?

A bit too early for my tastes, next year would have been better, but here we go.

Jeanne Shaheen’s daughter lives, works, and owns a business in Los Angeles, a much more suiting place for an elite than tiny NH where the only reason to stay is a US Senate seat.

Molly is the girl’s name.

She votes in NH in the liberal town of Madbury.

But Molly Shaheen has to have a domicile to vote anywhere legally. A domicile is a legal term for the one place you live and declare your home.

There is no other definition for a domicile – try getting a divorce in a state in which you do not legally reside.

But the story in the Manchester paper by the investapolojournalist reporter who spent thousands of words on phone jamming, whatever that is, seems to be lacking some facts to go with the story about when Molly lived and voted where.

This is real simple:

Hey Molly, what does your driver’s license say your address is??????????????????????

It really is that simple.

You ain’t no college student.

You ain’t in jail.

You isn’t fighting in no military.

So you have to live somewhere.

What does it say on that driver’s license in your expensive handbag????????

Did the Manchester paper investapolojournalist even ask that simple question??????????

In Cali, one must get a license within ten days after settling down. That is their law – and they need the money. They are in debt like Jeanne left NH after she was Governor.

Here is a sample of Ca. law:

So, if Molly still has a NH license, she is possibly still a NH resident with her mom’s domicile as her legal address. (Wait until the California Revenue Dept. gets a hold of Molly.)

But if she has a California driver’s license she has claimed her legal domicile there and is in violation of our NH Constitution’s requirement of a legal domicile to vote here.

It is that easy.

Read the "legal presence" (domicile) part of the Ca. law real slow:

Birth date verification and legal presence requirements

The issue of identification reliability, integrity, and confidentiality is of prime concern to all citizens. Eligibility for government services, issuance of various licenses, assessment of taxes, the right to vote, etc., are all determined through evaluations based on identification documents. It is critical that identification documents be authenticated and accurate in identifying each individual. The California driver license and ID card have been declared as primary identification documents in this state by the California legislature.

State law requires every applicant for an original California identification (ID) card and driver license to show verification of birth date and proof of legal presence within the United States to help safeguard the accuracy and integrity of departmental documents.