Court Jesters

I received my letter from Strafford Superior Court Judge, John Lewis, yesterday denying me intervenor status in his out of state voter case – for the second time. He changed his initial denial back in October of 2012 after I left court.

And just as everything involved with Judge Lewis’s case allowing non-domiciled, out of state people to vote in New Hampshire, this most recent denial is lacking some facts.

It says: “The proposed intervenors did not appear. The Court in these circumstances, denies them intervenor status.”

But did the letter name the intervenors who did not appear?


It was addressed to me and copied Alan Cronheim, Richard head, Edward Mosca, and Andy Martin – twice, for some reason that escapes me.

So, just because I am not losing a day of work to attend a “Status Conference” on a case that was started a month before an election in 2012 – which let thousands of out of state people vote in that election, and is now being dragged out past another election cycle, it appears, I can no longer be part of the action.

Dear me.

And now we have a question for Judge Lewis.

I tried to submit evidence in this case, Hanna Rivers v. The State of New Hampshire back when there was plenty of time for the State Supreme Court to take this charade and fix it BEFORE an important election. They did not. And now we have about 4,000 2012 voters the State of NH can not account for. Mail sent to them returns.

All this case was about was some college girls wanting to vote in our state and stay residents of their home state. There are four of them who swore in the Petition that they intended to vote in NH in the 2012 election.

Records indicate two of them did not vote!

So it is all right to lie in a Petition to Judge Lewis and swear your supposed rights are being violated and that NH laws and the State Constitution must be ignored in order to give you the ability to steal a NH vote – and then NOT vote?

Pardon me if I am not attending any more charade cases.

There are other ways around this fraud.