It Wasn't About Skittles

Now that George Zimmerman has been put through the justice reparations wringer, and survived, can we all get back to seeing what the Kardashian clan is doing?

Let’s face it, the race hucksters profiled George Zimmerman because they thought he would be a fat white guy but instead he was more like a Jorge Zapataman.

Bad move on their part.

And another loss for ginning up racial hatred for the 2014 "get out the vote" campaign.

Hey, is Kim wearing a thong?

The interesting part about all the threatened riots is how they never really appeared, except in a few liberal moonbat enclaves where the “rioters” know they will be accepted and coddled until a new cause is created.

Kudos to the jury!

I had my doubts about a six member female jury after being on a full size jury here in NH last year, but it looks like they didn’t take the race bait.

CNN has some soul searching to do now. What have they invested in this sham trial except all their credibility. Let the whining begin.

Oh look, Kim is eating ice dream!

Back to the new normal in TV/Cable land until we have another election to in which to cast our educated votes.