I Wonder What The Cash Value Of The Trial Is Worth In Real Demagog Dollars?

The Reverend Jessie Jackson has begun the “I Have a Scheme” part of the fund raising portion of the post verdict Zimmermano case.

He is mumbling, on any public vehicle that will still have him, something about Florida being an “apartheid state.”

Could this mean the other 56 states are NOT apartheid states?

So this is what racial progress looks like, Jackson finally admitting only one state is still lynching innocent blacks in court.

It all makes sense now.

Most times Jessie would have his son Jessie Jr. at his side. But Jessie has just dodged a sentencing bullet which was scheduled for July 3. That date was well chosen by the court in an effort to keep young Jessie out of the news. While we were all so focused on St. Travon we forgot to check in on Kim Kardashian. (Whose father defended O.J)

She must feel so alone right now. Who knows what she will wear.

But Jessie Sr. struggles on; raising awareness about the State of Florida letting a Hispanic white guy off the hook for what Jessie, deep down in his wallet, knows was a racially motivated event.

Good luck with the fundraising Jessie!

Push that rainbow for all the hate and cash it is worth.