Once A Weiner, Always A Weiner

Where do I start?

First of all, isn’t Huma the perfect Democrat female companion?

Anthony keeps calling her his “wife” but that is far from true. Just like with Hillary and Bill she is more of a “power partner” than a wife in the traditional sense.

So he lied and did some creepy things. Aren’t NY City voters just plain creepy as well?

I think so.

Normal people from across the country owe it to what remains of the United States to vote in numbers large enough to isolate NY and make it hard for the low-life’s they send to DC and put in office statewide from having any control over the rest of us.

This survival, people!

Remember how nasty and vicious Weiner was before he resigned from Congress?

Well New Yorkers remember, and they want him back. That is their style.

If you like the anti-Constitution, moonbat food nonsense Bloomberg pulls on the rest of the country from the mayor’s office you will love the new, humble Weiner.

I hope Weiner wins as a lesson to the other Left Wing, NY candidates and elected officials.

Weiner will be like a marker buoy, reminding us of what Democrats think of women.