Where Is Everybody?

Usually, I don’t respond to moonbat nonsense – except to offer proof of the left’s endless display of contempt for America and New Hampshire.

Here we go:

One of the former Democrat overlords from Manchester has an editorial in today’s Manchester Paper. It is in the form of a question.


The question is framed to show how weak the Republican 2014 field is in NH and is the only “opinion” option the writer has until a bench is offered to attack personally.

Must be sad to have no single candidate to slime when the Alinsky method is all you have to work with.

So the question remains.

Where are the declared Republican candidates?

I don’t know either.

But then I don’t know were the 4,000 non-resident voters are who voted in the last election here in New Hampshire.

Maybe they are still hiding in the homes of Democrat activists and waiting to vote in 2014 again, since they are still on the various checklists, and will be until 2020.

Could they be at their homes in another state waiting to vote absentee?

They might be back working for various congressmen from other states, at the offices of liberal, out-of-state non-profits, law firms in other states, or back in college in Massachusetts.

I know where some are.

The Democrat activist writing in the Manchester Paper about the fuzzy whereabouts of Republican candidates might know where Geoff Wetrosky is. Geoff is the South Dakota Democrat campaigner who voted from her house a few years back.

As I track the non-resident voters who come to NH, I seem to find very little about Geoff any longer.

It might be refreshing to see some light shed on the whereabouts of Mr. Wetrosky while I work on tracking down the other 3,999 non-resident NH voters.

Surely, the loudmouth from Mammoth Rd. can find him for me.