Somebody Jumped The Gun On This, But...

Superior Court Judge Lewis of Strafford County has some explaining to do.

Or should I say, some more re-writing of the NH Election Laws and NH Constitution.

His little gambit to make college voters from out-of-state legal voters here in NH by the silly notion that they are “mobile domiciled” has a new wrinkle.

WMUR has a story about some “mobile campaigners” who vote here in NH.

Molly Shaheen is one non-resident voter mentioned in a story last week in the Manchester Paper.

Alana Biden, niece to Joe, voted from an office in Manchester while working for Obama in 2012, as the WMUR story points out.

The kicker is the crowd of eight who voted from State Senator Martha Fuller-Clarks home in Portsmouth in 2008 and 2012.

The Secretary of State had a mouthpiece, as well as the NH AG’s Office running cover on WMUR for the out-of-state voters saying INTENT is the key to voter fraud, not facts, which if is true makes them all guilty.

But this is the slippery slope of state-sanctioned voter fraud.

NH has at least 4,000 unaccounted for voters right now from 2012.

That number will grow like compound intrest since we opened our arms to voter fraud a dozen years ago.

Only real NH domiciled voters can stop it.

CNHT has been exposing this for over ten years.

Are you with us?