Let's Work On Martha For A Week Or So


Come on Down - Bryan Gregory Griffith, 26, 115 Rogers Dr. Bryant, AR 72022- 3134, Saline County!

Yes, one of Arkansas’s very best lawyers, Bryan – with a “Y” as in, Y are you voting from Martha Fuller-Clark’s house, Gregory Griffith! He might be a practicing lawyer in Arkansas, but he is a real life voter here in New Hampshire.

Bryan is an ACLU lawyer down in Arkansas when he is not up at the single family residence of State Senator Martha Fuller-Clark in Portsmouth, NH.

I guess you might call Bryan a “mobile campaign voter” since he doesn’t appear to be in a dorm over at UNH, like thousands of other out of state NH voters.

I checked a while back and Bryan is still on the Portsmouth voter checklist.

Funny about that checklist in Portsmouth.

I did a voter fraud workshop in that town last year and a whole bunch of moonbat Portsmouth checklist workers showed up to NOT see voter fraud. One even tried to steal the microphone to tell me that what I had was not actually voter fraud but…wait for it…election law violations!

I guess she proved her point.

In any case, look for the NH Attorney General’s Office to pick up on that theme.