Where's A Lawyer When You Need One?

Now that the Arkansas ACLU lawyer who uses Martha Fuller-Clark's Portsmouth home to vote has declared NH his "mobile campaign domicile," will he have to re-establish domicile in Arkansas where his office is:115 Rogers Dr, Bryant, AR 72022?

I don't know.

But I wish the Legislature in NH would come up with a real definition of domicile - that a judge can't reject. (Dream sequence.)


 § 9-3-110 - Declaration of intent -- Publication of notice -- Exceptions.

 (a) Any person desiring to make a declaration of domicile under this chapter shall declare on oath before the clerk of any court authorized under this chapter to have jurisdiction, or the clerk's authorized deputy, in the county in which the person owns real estate and has resided for thirty (30) days after reaching eighteen (18) years of age, that it is his or her bona fide intention to become a resident domiciled in the State of Arkansas and that he or she renounces his or her residence and domicile in the state in which he or she was last domiciled.

(b)(1)(A) The declaration shall set forth the name, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, personal description, name of the state and address of last residence, and the state in which he or she owns real or personal property.

(B) The declaration shall also state the name of his or her spouse, the date of the spouse's birth, the place of their marriage, the name of each child and the date of each child's birth, the name of the state, and the address at the date of the declaration.

(2)(A) The declaration shall have attached a certified copy of the notice published thirty (30) days prior to the declaration renouncing domicile in the states in which he or she owned real or personal property and in which the person formerly resided.

(B) The notice shall have been given by publication in the manner provided for the service of summons by publication or upon absentees by the laws of the state or states in which the notices are published.

(c)(1) No resident domiciled in the State of Arkansas in conformity with the law in force at the date of the declaration who has declared his or her intention to become a resident domiciled in this state shall be required to renew the declaration.

(2) Any person who, on or after March 26, 1941, has become a resident domiciled in this state under the provisions of the common law of the state or of 9-12-307 shall not be required to make a declaration as provided in this chapter.