Lisa E. Danzig - Come On Down!

So where do New Hampshire voters who do not live in our state go after voting here?

Let’s take one Lisa E. Danzig for instance. She used the letter “X” as her address on her same day card. In 2002 we used to be able to see information those cards under the Right to Know Law. Not so any longer.

Set the “Way Back Machine” to 2002 when CNHT had the temerity to challenge over 400 voters in Hanover during the big Sununu – Shaheen race.

As usual, the Hanover Moderator, Willy Black, was funneling as many young people through their voter booths as was humanly possible – laws be damned. (More about Moderator Black in upcoming releases.)

After the big challenge by me and a few hardy souls forced to stay in chairs and NOT be allowed to observe the election legally, as we had the right to as sanctioned Republican poll watchers a student of Dartmouth did his own analysis of non-resident voters and published it in the Dartmouth review.

I kept a copy all these years and have tracked down Mr. Danzig.

Here you are:

Who would have guessed that a “community organizer” would take election laws so lightly?

“Lisa Danzig is the Director for the Office of Strategic Planning and Management for the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.The Office of Strategic Planning and Management is responsible for driving organizational, programmatic and operational change across the department, in order to maximize agency performance. The office facilitates the department-wide strategic planning process with the Secretary.Prior to joining the federal government, Lisa worked for the City of New York at the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development as the Assistant Commissioner of the Strategic Planning Group until the Commissioner was appointed Secretary of HUD.She received her MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth and spent 6 years as a community organizer working on crime and violence issues in San Francisco and nationally.”

Who in NH government would want to tarnish a bright career in Federally funded liberal nonsense with a charge of voter fraud?

I would suggest it might be the same people who wanted to charge me with voter intimidation for trying to stop non-resident voting.

We call this group the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office – Election Law Division.

Do you think the failure to prosecute or even investigate voter fraud in NH is motivated by politics?

Stay tuned, it will be a long summer.