A Fool And His Fancy Equipment

I certainly hope these guys know what they are doing.


It has become popular in some local police departments to militarize in case of an “emergency.”

Maybe the local guys need a short refresher about what happens to well armed police officers who think their equipment and position makes them invincible.

Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas are examples of what happens when overzealous, militarized police come up against even a small group of citizens. Not good.

Not much went according to “plan.”

I remember watching the SWAT Team in Boston on TV while they were hunting the bombers there.

An armored personnel type vehicle, which was loaded with gear and men inside, had about eight guys in full gear hanging on board outside the vehicle. All this on tree lined street in a residential area.

I thought, one simple, well placed, Molotov cocktail hits that metal vehicle and all of them are up in flames. Imagine an organized attack from several sides.

The national emergency these local, semi-trained police envision may be like in the movies but it probably would look more like when two bank robbers had dozens of police in LA crawling around behind cruisers and hiding behind trees for an hour or so.

It might also be unwise to look like you are ready for combat with the neighbors when you are vastly outnumbered by local folks.

Our beloved Father in Washington doesn’t support our foreign embassies or staff with proper military protection.

Do you really think they will come to the aid of a handful of local police sitting in a used tank out in the boondocks or even some inner city?

I don’t.

Careful what you prepare for.