Democrat Scandal Management - 101

And as we expected, the Manchester Paper has a front page Democrat Drive-by Voter Scandal management story originating from the ace political reporter who knows everything about phone-jamming but not much about home-jamming.

Does the Democrat Party write these scandal management articles or just guide the Manchester Paper’s ace reporter?

Here is how to dig the facts from the MP scandal management:

The MP reporter tries to link Republican State Rep. Neil Kurk with Democrat State Senator Martha Fuller Clark – who jams her single family home with out-of state voters from the Obama campaign.

Not so fast.

Rep. Kurk has a daughter in Hawaii who votes in NH. That is a fact.

This daughter also has a New Hampshire driver’s license. That is a fact.

End of story.

Now what would be real interesting is if the voting apples were compared to voting apples.

The MP investigative scandal manager did NOT bring up the similar situation regarding Molly Shaheen, daughter of US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who lives in California and votes from her parents home in Madbury, NH. He has written about Molly before.

Does Molly have a NH driver’s license?

Why doesn’t anyone ask or say something about that?

Rep. Kurk offered that bit of information right off the bat.

The MP investigative scandal manager seems to not want to know.

I would drop the Molly Shaheen issue cold if she was a NH resident for anything other than business taxes and voting purposes.

In any case, the other states can decide the issue if they want to - because they have income taxes to collect from residents.