Just In Time To Show Weiner How Its Done

Hillary Rodham just got a big shot in the campaign arm!

Apparently, Monica had some recorded phone sex tapes hidden away:


As you can see, they are between Bill and Monica, in case there was some doubt.

This is just the boost Hillary Rodham needs to get elected again as President of the United States. (She served two terms as co-president with the phone sex, lady mauler and was the shoo-in for 2008 – remember?)

This recent phone sex revelation will simply enhance Hillary’s standing with Democrat voters, especially female Democrats, thereby solidifying her base base. (No typo).

As luck would have it, anything about sex and lies with the Clintons has already been vetted and it is smooth sailing for 2016 when she will be the shoo-in Liberal Democrat candidate again.

Liberals love a good liar who assaults any women he is alone with and sympathize with the women who back them up.

I hope the Republicans don’t get caught up in any anti-women debacles between now and the November 2016 election – or they are toast.