Chickens Going Home To Roost!!

And so it begins:

Three of the vote stealing, drive-by voters at Democrat NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark’s single family home in tony Portsmouth have finally relinquished their out of state voter nest, in writing  – hopefully for good.

These three are people we caught in our Voter Fraud Dragnet: Bryan Gregory Griffith, Andrea Marie Riccio and Ellen Rose Whelan-Wuest.

Want to part of the first REAL voter fraud investigation in NH in 20 years?

This is easy.

Go to your town’s Supervisor of the Checklist and ask for any recent requests, by anyone from out of state, to be taken off your voter checklist.

It is that simple.

And keep going back and asking for copies of any letters that come in.

If you do this and let CNHT know we will have established a voter fraud paper trail with useful, identifying information such as the person’s signature – something we are not allowed to see on a NH same day registration form.

We will then have a new out-of-state address from the former NH voter including their home state and we can track them there.

Two of these out-of-state voters who stole NH votes from the Martha Fuller Clark residence have already been tracked to their home states.

Our voter NH fraud team is talking with North Carolina and Arkansas sources to uncover their voting history in the states they should have voted in the first place.

Getting as many ghost voters off our rolls ensures that no one can walk in and claim to be one of the former Obama campaign transients.

If NH citizens do not do this – no one else will!

You have seen the disturbing quotes from David Scanlan of the Secretary of State’s Office implying that our laws are so law anyone caN VOTRE HERE.

Well that is not the law!

THAT is simply a dodge used by officials who are supposed to keep our elections clean.