Remember, They Represent GOVERNMENT - Not Taxpayers

LGC, NHMA, who cares?

All of a sudden everyone is talking about the new appointee to head this corrupt organization – instead of simply shutting it down.

But it saves towns money on insurance!

That is what they say.

How about we subtract the $100 million NHMA, aka LGC, skimmed off the top of premiums municipalities paid for a decade or so. How much did the towns really save?

And what about their back room deals using insurance payouts as a political club?

I have seen that as a former selectman.

It might pay to spend some time investigating what NHMA has been up to for so long and who was running the place when the millions were skimmed.

Oh, but it is election time and the liberals need an issue that doesn’t smell like our rampant voter fraud they covet so much.

How did Paul C. Beecher, former HNMA head, slip away so easily from his involvement with the insurance money skimming? Everyone knows what that guy does with public funds. Ask Dover.

And the NHMA involvement in the millions scammed from Ashland by Town Clerk Rosie McNamara, does anyone beside CNHT know about the biggest theft of municipal funds since the Manchester Firemen’s Insurance scam?

Millions in taxpayer money disappears with the help of the officers/lawyers running NHMA and suddenly we have an interest in who is running the place?

Here is a hint as to how NHMA really works:

When I was a selectman I was part of a board that fired a police officer for more than just cause.

He did not even come back for almost a year to ask for a re-hearing but when he did I was asked by the police chief for a non-public meeting about a potential lawsuit the fired officer was supposed to be bringing against the town.

All the officer and chief had to show me was a letter from some over-advertising firm saying they were interested in the case – of which the officer had none. He wanted “back pay” for taking the cruiser home when he was off duty from his part time position. That would not fly in court.

I told the chief to have the former officer bring a real case with a real lawyer and drop a petition on the Hillsborough Superior Court, if he was serious and thought he could win.

Here comes the NHMA scam:

The Chief told me NHMA was willing to pay the officer $30,000.00 OUT OF COURT!

It was tough to not laugh in their face. But they came back to selectman’s meetings, over and over, dropping the cost each time until the request was limited to our town hiring the fired officer back for one day so he could find employment somewhere else, no money paid by NHMA.

Not bad, from $30,000.00 to nothing but a one day hire!

Here is how this works;

Had I been stupid enough to let NHMA pay off the fired officer with NHMA insurance money, “at no cost to the town,” I would have, in essence, been admitting he was fired unlawfully.

The headlines in the papers would have been in two inch type: Naile Loses Case To Fired Officer.

No thanks. I am not playing that game.

So as we discuss the merits of who should be running this “public/private’ club for liberals with taxpayer money we should take a look at who the “winners and losers” have been when NHMA pays out.

That is a hell of a lot more important.