Big Winners Strut Their Stuff In Portsmouth

Here is the standard, so what, big deal, who cares, editorial in defense of voter fraud:

This writer has the same haughty attitude of a winner who cares nothing about elections except that his side prevails. He is a liberal.

And we need not debate this guy, only understand his contempt for elections, New Hampshire, and anyone who doesn’t feel the way he does but thinks about things before they vote, legally.

Not being a big thinker or person who bases his feelings on facts, this Portsmouth progressive is left to support voter fraud the only way he can.

Mr. Fraud uses the Secretary of State’s web site to reveal something he knows nothing about – the supposed AG “investigations” of voter fraud done after the 2006-2010 elections.

New flash Mr. Fraud:

These “investigations” were not investigations.

They were interviews.

No one had to show identification.

Go back and re-read the stuff you are trying to sell.

I wonder what would happen if this fella walked into a polling place to vote and his name was already checked off – as we know happens all the time in New Hampshire?

Oh what a hissy fit would erupt.

Liberals are like that.

Don’t read the papers for a few months Mr. Fraud.

You are not going to feel good.

And here is Mr. Fraud’s brother:

Another voter fraud denier from Portsmouth.

This standard “Blame it on the TEA Party and Bill O’Brien” diatribe that thankfully doesn’t mention Halliburton or climate change - small victories in the evolution of the progressive mind.

Are these guys both teachers?

Do they live in the same Portsmouth, NH where the local officials turn a blind eye to non-resident Organizing for America/Action/Obama professionals?

Sure they do.

They are the progressive excuse brigade that trots out the same old reasons to allow 4,000 mystery voters to take our votes.

They are probably drafting up our next election cycles excuses for 8,000 mystery voters – as long as they are Democrat mystery voters.