Clowns All Around

Some of the kids up at Dartmouth don’t seem to “get it.”

Here is the controversy.

A fraternity had a party.

The theme was “Crips and Bloods.”

This violates two basic rules in avoiding all-out, beat your chest,  write a nasty letter, condemnation by liberals.

Liberals run every college they can get with an iron sissy fist. The Dartmouth kids should have known they were in trouble when:

1. They were out to have fun.

Liberals can not STAND anyone having fun. They assault anyone having fun with every fiber of their non-profit, tax exempt organization or political office. That is their way of having a good time. It is known as an “infantile demand” a throwback to their progressive upbringing.

2. The theme for this frat party involved a mention of something which had people of color associated with it.

This is an open invitation to charges of racism. And with charges of racism by a liberal, the charge is vastly more important than the facts – such as there was no racism.

I would suggest the next party be something more subtle, less apt to be considered racist and just plain old American as apple pie.

Next time the fratsters want to have a party, party like a rodeo clown!

Dress up in over sized clothes and have two guys in a bull costume.

How can that be bad?

Sheesh, don’t kids know anything about Ivy League education?