Stay On Stupid Message, Stupid

Reince Prebius is in the news again and it isn’t a good sign for Republicans. Instead of capitalizing on the outright disaster the Obama Administration is locally, nationally and internationally, he wants to focus on losing.

And here is how he does it:

Rience brings up a line Mitt Romney used during the last campaign. The liberal press had declared this phrase the worst thing Romney ever said since the last worst thing Romney ever said.

The dreaded phrase is damn scary. It is - “self deportation.”

Plebius has been convinced by the same Democrat media that wants his head on a plate, that this phrase might as well be criminal and that is why Republicans came up three million votes short in 2012 (Just like Obama did. What, did he say it too?)

And what does Prebiuos do but keep on talking about “self deportation.”

Makes one wonder.

And rather than make lemonade with lemons regarding the upcoming Hillary movies on TV, Reince comes out swinging. He is going to deny the two Obama networks a shot at running the next Republican debates and thereby having, one again, the perfect opportunity to take pot shots at the Republican candidates trapped behind a podium.

How about this?

Once the networks announced they would again deliver some good publicity to Hillary, Prebvious should have asked for equal time and suggest the same networks show a pro-Republican nominee movie.

How could they turn that down?

How about this:

Offer a movie about Hillary, one made by conservatives, to counter the pro-Hillary movie.

Think of the possibilities!

Instead of waxing on about stupid things Romney said in the past, that were true, Preince could have a go at some of the memorable comments, screams and wails Her Highness has blurted out over the last twenty years.

Here is something for Peince Rebious to work on:

The next time you have a thought or idea – just do the opposite.