If You Need Me I'm In The Study

Here is an interesting set of news stories about a study of all the studies done since 1924 regarding natural intelligence versus any person who has a propensity to be “religious.” In this case we are using fundamental Christians as the unintelligent people.

Guess you didn’t see that coming.




I have always known that atheists are more intelligent than believers. Just ask them and you will receive an overwhelming response. They will jam it down your throat like a couple of wild-eyed Jehovah’s Witnesses armed with Watchtowers. (I hear about these crazy people from the intelligent crowd but the JW’s I have met seem ok.)

Having worked with many very intelligent people who have no religion, just “spirituality,” I can report my personal findings of at least 40 years – grant free.

Truly intelligent people have what I call - focus. They have the natural ability or desire to focus all their mental ability on one thing.

That is why they are so prone to do so many stupid things and believe in stuff that doesn’t work.

Take limousine liberal communists for instance. They are always portrayed as the smartest, most focused people in the world of politics. They charge “forward” with a political philosophy that has been proven wrong so many times it would be laughable, except that it murders, starves, and executes so many millions of people in its implementation.

Man made global warming is another example of super intelligent people focusing on something that doesn’t even exist. They will go to hell and back preaching the doomsday scenario of world warming cataclysm caused by anything that isn’t contemptuous of accepted traditions, behavior, and business. They especially hate business and corporations, intelligent people do.

The really intelligent people I meet in politics are beyond my ability to debate. You do not stand a chance of getting a point across to them because they are focused on a laser beam narrow set of talking points. The talking points place them in a position of being correct about everything, every time. That is smart.

Never deviate from the talking points – focus on believing you are always right.

Which brings me back to these studies.

Everybody knows atheists are super intelligent and way smarter than religious people.

They were smart enough to get other people to fund the unnecessary studies for 89 years before releasing the predicable results.

But they missed one key thing about these intelligent atheists. I find, for the most part, they are greedy and self-centered.