Nashua Has Non-resident Voter Nests?

And finally, The Nashua Paper comes out of the voter fraud closet!!!

They are opposed to having just New Hampshire citizens vote in New Hampshire elections. WHODATHUNKIT!

But we always knew that.

From 2001 when the Nashua Paper started making excuses for voter fraud with headlines such as “Little Evidence of Voter Evidence of Fraud Shown at Hearing” to now when it is OK with them because fraud is simply a “Party Flap,” I have always suspected this left wing waste of pulp as nothing but a liberal mouthpiece. How busy the Democrat headquarters must be writing suggestions for their Nashua “news” articles.

This “party flap” term is a new one on me. Whatever happened to “voter fraud doesn’t exist?” Or my favorite, “domicile doesn’t mean domicile, in NH.”

Aren’t they going to look foolish when it is revealed that Nashua is a top sin city of voter fraud nests where out-of-state voters congregate election after election.

Its coming.