Marblesnobbyhead, Ma.

Showing how compassionate liberals are is an easy task. Just look at the most recent designer ban in a liberal Massachusetts town:

That’s the way to do it. If you can’t tax them out, zone them out, plan them out or regulate them out of business – then just ban the remaining activity they have left to feed themselves – fishing from a public pier.

That is liberal, progressive, ethnic cleansing at its finest.

I was reading up on ancient Indian canoes a few weeks back and found that the State of Massachusetts banned wooden canoes back in the late 1600’s because some white people drown while being transported by Indians. All you have to do is ban the only canoes Indians had because of an incident, and there you have it – ethnic cleansing, Pilgrim style.

Not much has changed in progressive towns in Ma. for a long time except its those fishing pole toting Cambodians who are banned now. The Indians are all moved out. But libs still think they are a wonderful minority to have around – somewhere else.

And as usual, the news story about the ban does not include the names of the local officials who took the drastic action.

Here is a closer look at something wrong with all the over crowding at the exclusive Marblehead “public” docks:

•White alone - 19,012 (96.0%)

 •Hispanic - 297 (1.5%)

 •Asian alone - 186 (0.9%)

 •Black alone - 123 (0.6%)

 •Two or more races - 124 (0.6%)

 •American Indian alone - 44 (0.2%)

 •Other race alone - 25 (0.1%)

The median income is $98,000.00 per year and homes start out at about a half a million.

It looks like Marblehead is overcrowded with rich white folks – progressive rich white folks.

Over crowding on the “public” docks can never be as bad as letting limousine liberals take over any municipality. Liberals always show contempt for anyone not in their elite social and economic level – when they have to live near them. That is just the way it is and will always be.