May I Make A Suggestion To Patriots And Republicans

Campaign season started up one day after Obama was re-elected.

Hillary is once again the unbeatable Democrat candidate, except for Cuomo will probably beat her.

The Alinsky model of isolate and destroy your enemy is running in full swing through the liberal media and Democrat mouthpeices - as usual.

How about taking advantage of the single largest problem the socialists, Democrats, and other progressives have hanging over their heads - ObamaCare.

Republicans can always be depended on to do the wrong thing to apease a political enemy who can not be bargained with.

So take the easy path Republicans.

Re-name Obamacare.

Call it DemocratCare. That is what it is.

Here is the benefit:

Any Republican who refuses to call a socialist entitlement that will bankrupt our country and destroy our heath care system what it is, DemocratCare - is no Republican at all.

Many Democrats are running away form ObamaCare already.

Play "Tag your it" with the people who are currently not being associated with the disaster they are trying to lay on the backs of Americans.