One More At A time

I was listening to Glen Beck in the truck today while down in the Concord area and he had a guest on, a woman, who confessed to giving up being a liberal.

She has seen the light.

Apparently, hanging out with Occupy moonbats did her in. Their constant whining about who had too much of what, and they didn’t like to pay for things was a bit much for the caller to handle.

And then she dropped the bomb Glen missed or did not have time to explore.

She said she was raised on NPR and liberal papers, was friends with liberals. She fell right in with and accepted progressive feelings.

And as part of her liberal indoctrination she was - led to believe her country was always wrong!

There you have it – “always wrong”.

What the former progressive explained so clearly, and in so few words, goes to the heart and soul of liberalism in America.

Everything, according to liberal dogma, about this country is wrong.

Every truth you know is wrong.

All accepted traditions, history, social norms, beliefs, popular religions – all totally wrong.

But what can you depend on in America?

Criminals always go free because of a technicality.

Clergy are always suspect of some deep seated personal problems.

White people are all racists.

Corporations are greedy, murderous, polluting, institutions.

American traditions are silly and unnecessary, foreign traditions, any, make more sense.

Our country was founded on slavery and minorities still suffer from it.

Families are best left to the evolving format government desires.

Basically, good is bad and bad is good. Up is down. Right is wrong.

And for the progressive, all thought is based on the instant conclusion that anything traditionally American is wrong – no need to think, just take the opposite point of view.

What a CHEAP way to pretend you know enough about anything to even HAVE and opinion on it – just instantly, and haughtily, take the opposite side.

And her observation about the Occupy moonbats then makes sense.

I learned this simple truth over 40 years ago when I got out of high school and worked with college kids my own age.