I Want You To Listen To THis Man And I Want You To Listen Good

Filthy Filner faced a “Lynch Mob”!!!


I think he hit every note in the liberal Democrat theme song during his resignation indignation.

And Filner may have a point – he was lynched by his own team. Of course they are the same progressive voters who support Bill Clinton, who had no problem tackling and taking women by force when he was the Arkansas AG, yanking his pants down in front of women the State Police lured to his motel room, or assaulting women who were looking for a job. Clinton even had a few women under his control submit willingly (But who kept answering machine tapes and dressesJ)

Filner never drown a call girl that I can remember.

He never let a boy-toy run a house of prostitution from his apartment.

And Filner never, ever, tapped his foot in a bathroom stall, probably the worst offence triggering a political resignation in American history.

So he may have a point.

What is wrong with our country when a progressive politician “lynched” for slapping a few fannies on the side?

Think of the good things he would have done for San Diego. Filner was just about to take that city forward.

He played tag with almost all the liberal points in his resignation indignation – skipped abortion.

Filner, as he has repeated over and over, faced lynch mobs in the past.

Lynch = black, so we just “lynched” the first black mayor of San Diego.

His opponents were armed = he is opposed to guns.

And don’t forget “Democracy,” Filner is a big supporter of democracy. He did all this FOR democracy.

News Flash for Mr. Filner, democracy is mob rule.