Liberal Logic Can Getcha Killed - Trying To Save Ya

Liberal Logic

Suddenly, we need to get involved with the war in Syria to save the children – like the Clintons did at Waco, Texas - by killing them all with an intentionally set fire designed to destroy the evidence.

But at this point, what does it matter.

Back to Syria and a current look at Liberal Logic.

The Obama/UN effort to stop two warring parties in Syria from using poison gas is supposed to be another “save the children” effort where we give military aid - risk the lives of American soldiers - to people who will kill Americans at the drop of a hat when they are done fighting each other.

Why all the handwringing over whether of not to send military aid?

It wasn’t important when our Ambassador, staff, and soldiers need it in Benghazi?

But we are going to send troops and weapons to Syria?

Liberal Logic:

Up is down – down is up.

Right is wrong – wrong is right.

America is evil – our enemies are potential friends.

3x4 = 11

Photo I.D. = racism.

It is getting a bit boring, tired, and worn out.

I think we all have “Obama Malaise Overload Syndrome.”