Thank Jennifer Horn For Cleaning Up The Portsmouth Non-resident Voter List

The late in the week Portsmouth Herald “opinion” piece that looks like it was written by the same old $200,000.00 per year consultant who runs the Democrat Party in NH wasn’t meant to linger past this weekend.

I mean, how does one brag about committing, encouraging, and having a laugh about voter fraud without making too many waves. People have already caught on.

But that is their problem over in Liberalville.

New Hampshire, on the other hand, has four less non-resident vote thieves thanks to the persistence of Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn.

THAT is about four more out-of-state voters who have had their names self-striped from our statewide list than the NH AG has ever caused to happen.

FOUR less votes will be stolen from a NH citizen, and this is a start.

Thank you Jennifer Horn!

And come to think of it.

The Arkansas Organizing for America lawyer who bunked for free for seven months at State Senator Martha Fuller Clark’s flophouse in Portsmouth – how did he file his Arkansas State Income tax for that year – seven months deducted for living outside the state?

Arkansas has laws about that.

I’ll bet the AG included this in his “investigation”.