Exactly Who Votes From Martha's Motel

Want some insider stuff?

How’s about the news that congressional staffers don’t have to pay the Obama Piper for health care? That should do it.

Here is the dailycaller.com story for you:


Obama is seeing to it personally that the poor slobs who slave away in Senate Offices don’t get stuck paying triple for free government health care insurance.

Bless his little soul. It’s almost like he has feelings for people – certain people.

Certain people are more valuable than others and deserve attention from Barak Obama. They don’t have to pay like we peons do.

Here we have one example of a Senate staffer.

Meet former Barak Obama, Illinois US Senator, Special Assistant to the State Director - U.S. Senator Barack Obama, April 1, 2007 – February 12, 2008. (Pretty important gig!)

This young lady then moved briefly to another state after working in Obama’s Illinois office for so long.

Any guesses?

August 2008– November 2008 (4 months) she was off to... New Hampshire!

She recruited, trained and managed hundreds of campaign volunteers, met with local politicians and activists to coordinate all Democratic campaigns. Coordinated and oversaw all final campaign activities for five NH cities.

That’s right!

It was Ellen Whelan-Wuest who used NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark’s estate as a non-resident drive-by voter nest while she was here campaigning for – OBAMA-CARE. (makes lib-sense now!)

And then on to more of her political career of hopping between senators:

Jan. 2009 Brooklyn Director at Office of New York State Senator Daniel Squadron. Squadron appointed of Ellen Whelan-Wuest as his Brooklyn Office Director.

(Then she dodges the dreaded private sector.)

October, 2010: Ellen lived in Durham, NC from 2010 to 2011

Registered to vote in Durham, N.C. October 2010 and voted in four N.C. elections.

October 2012 – May 2013 she worked for the Durham County Criminal Justice Advisory Committee


Ellen Whelan-Wuest, Policy Analyst, Justice Reinvestment, State Initiatives.

Wheew, that was some journey through the world of left-wing senators.

And today in the Manchester Paper they are trying, again, to compare Rep. Neil Kurk’s daughter, who was born here and holds a NH driver’s license, with the professional campaigners who haunt our checklists.