Here is a story that shows the fundamental problem with people who work in the public sector and the news media that encourages them and provides support:

Fire officials – UNNAMED IN THE NEWS REPORT – held a fire drill on September 11 in Boston.

The outrageous event show the complete, total, dumb-ass lack of sensitivity to the rest of America for the fact that one of the planes that hit New York left Boston on 9-11.

This article even “quotes” the apology without naming anyone involved, if you can believe it.

This how far removed from reality public employees and elected asshats can be.

How in the world can you call yourself a manager, supervisor, planner, specialist, or anything with a degree higher than kindergarten and not remember what dam day September 11 is when you run a freaking airport?

But then even the “Smartest Woman on Earth” forgot to up grade security at the Libyan Embassy BEFORE Sept. 11 one year ago.

So it could happen to any moron in government.

I shouldn’t be surprised.