A Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Well this is a no-brainer. McCain is hinting about retiring in 2016.


Shades of Judd Gregg, see the end coming, retire and go to work for the opposing party. That was Judd’s plan, remember.

In 2016, McCain will look in the mirror and see a Secretary of State, Secretary of defense, anything better than being a member of the Gang of Eight who look like utter fools at the moment.

McCain’s staff can slide into jobs with Democrats and the world will once again be safe from the Wacko Birds.

DC power corrupts the weak to the marrow.

Look how well John Kerry is doing, barely able to ramble out a coherent sentence.

And our own quiet Judd suddenly came out with a doozie – TARP saved the planet’s economy!

He drank the Kool-aid without the H20 Judd did.

And his timing is perfect isn’t it?

Obama goes south in the polls and Judd comes forth with a fantasy statement to bolster his community orgaizing economic gravitas.

What a freaking clown factory we have in the US Senate.