I Think, Therefore I Am - Something

And another thought I had - stay with me on this.

I was reading one of several articles about gender re-alignment, re-assignment and re-adjustment. It’s all the rage now, like bullying, don’cha know.

The theory/science goes like this.

A boy wants to be a girl, or vice versa – as though they would act the same. What if a girl felt that she was really a homosexual boy – not a heterosexual boy? I mean, most kids think these things through, don’t they?

If they don’t, well they can get help addressing the situation in any public school for free. There are plenty of educators standing around doing nothing because most schools can’t afford paper – toilet or otherwise – because of George Bush.

Back to the theory/science of what is going on in a minor’s head being factual enough that surgery is needed. Or at least some politically motivated activist doctor’s need is satisfied.

My first thought was probably just like yours.

If a minor can believe he is a she so much that it is therefore a physical and medical reality, then obviously a minor who willingly commits murder, an adult act, should be tried as the adult he thinks he is.

This is so simple.

I would like to at this time thank all the doctors, social workers, psychologists and other associated progressives for helping solve what used to be a icky problem – executing murdering minors who are in fact adults in their heads.