"Establishing A Presence" Is Not A Legal Term

Free Lesson on Voter Fraud – From Wisconsin 2012

The news article below has the names and offenses of prosecuted cases of voter fraud.


In Wisconsin the authorities in Milwaukee County prosecute voter fraud when they find it.

Check out the sample I posted from the article:

•  Brian A. Uecker lived in Greenfield but in November voted in a ward in that city where he once resided but no longer lived.

 •  Fozia H. Nawaz of Milwaukee voted in November in Greenfield, telling investigators she did so because it was easier.

 •  Bill A. Di Giorgio of Germantown was charged with voting illegally in Milwaukee in November.

Uecker, Nawaz and Di Giorgio face $100 fines, if convicted.

Here is the State of Wisconsin Domicile Law. They use the word Residence.

6.10 Elector residence. Residence as a qualification for voting shall be governed by the following standards:

(1) The residence of a person is the place where the person's habitation is fixed, without any present intent to move, and to which, when absent, the person intends to return.

(4) The residence of an unmarried person sleeping in one ward and boarding in another is the place where the person sleeps. The residence of an unmarried person in a transient vocation, a teacher or a student who boards at different places for part of the week, month, or year, if one of the places is the residence of the person's parents, is the place of the parents' residence unless through registration or similar act the person elects to establish a residence elsewhere. If the person has no parents and if the person has not registered elsewhere, the person's residence shall be at the place that the person considered his or her residence in preference to any other for at least 28 consecutive days before an election. If this place is within the municipality, the person is entitled to all the privileges and subject to all the duties of other citizens having their residence there, including voting.

 (10)If a person moves to another state with an intent to make a permanent residence there, or, if while there the person exercises the right to vote as a citizen of that state by voting, the person loses Wisconsin residence. 

6.10(11)(11)Neither an intent to acquire a new residence without removal, nor a removal without intent, shall affect residence. 

6.10(12)(12)Student status shall not be a consideration in determining residence for the purpose of establishing voter eligibility.

Here is NH’s Domicile law: 

654:1 Voter; Office Holder. –

    I. Every inhabitant of the state, having a single established domicile for voting purposes, being a citizen of the United States, of the age provided for in Article 11 of Part First of the Constitution of New Hampshire, shall have a right at any meeting or election, to vote in the town, ward, or unincorporated place in which he or she is domiciled. An inhabitant's domicile for voting purposes is that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence for domestic, social, and civil purposes relevant to participating in democratic self-government. A person has the right to change domicile at any time, however a mere intention to change domicile in the future does not, of itself, terminate an established domicile before the person actually moves.

    I-a. A student of any institution of learning may lawfully claim domicile for voting purposes in the New Hampshire town or city in which he or she lives while attending such institution of learning if such student's claim of domicile otherwise meets the requirements of RSA 654:1, I.

NH’s Motor Vehicle Domicile Law:

Section 259:23 "Domicile'' shall mean a natural person taking up residence in a town or city within the state and includes but is not limited to occupying a primary place of habitation, placing children in a public school within the state, accepting gainful employment, or being a registered voter liable for a resident tax, provided, however, that no person shall be considered to be domiciled in this state who simultaneously claims residence in any other state for any of the purposes indicated above. In the case of other than a natural person, domicile shall also apply in the case of vehicles principally garaged or kept on the premises of a firm or corporation with a place of business within the State.

So what does all this mean?????

This means that If I see a public record of any non-resident voter, in this case from Wisconsin, who has cast a ballot in New Hampshire, I will gather up the materials and mail them registered mail to the prosecuting authorities in that state.

Then I will contact my counterpart in that state, the head of any taxpayer group they have in that county, and urge them to do me a big favor and move this along.

And I will contact the talk radio guys, bloggers, writers and new media in that state so we can discuss what happens if you let your elections go south like we have in NH.

That isn’t rocket science now is it?

(Anyone see the term, "Establish a Presence" in there?)