Round 1

Let me see.

Today, the House Republicans did something they promised to do and that was to defund, reverse, eliminate, destroy or by whatever means, rid the United States from lurching towards European style healthcare.

The name of the monstrosity is ObamaCare but it is in fact DemocratCare and always has been throughout the 60 year attempt to nationalize America’s health care industry.

Thank you conservative, patriotic, House Members – we will not forget you.

And thanks to the two brave Democrats who bucked the socialist leadership of their party and voted to defund DemocratCare.

Let the progressive wailing begin! This was the last thing they wanted – Senators having to cast a vote FOR DemocratCare, thereby exposing themselves to voter wrath in the next election.

Let’s sum it up.

Republicans just voted to de-fund a very unpopular entitlement that has not worked in Europe, while at the same time funding what is constitutional in the current budget.

Liberal Democrats are going to try to demonize the Republicans for:

Doing what their constituents sent them to Washington to do – get rid of a “law” that was never written down for public review, or legislative review before it was voted on.

How a law is enforceable if it is only a concept or simply a title – and a misleading one at that, is beyond reason.

But beyond reason, their oath of office, recognized standards of economics, common sense, and the wishes of the American People, is what passes for acceptable behavior from progressives in DC these days.

OK Senate, the ball is in your court.