We Have To Filibuster It To See What's In It

Obamacare, actually, Democratcare, is on the ropes with the American people and it is what I like to call a “two-fer.”

Some real Republicans who remember why they were sent to Sodom and D.C have initiated an effort, and evolving effort, to kill Democratcare any way they can.

That is wonderful, refreshing, and about time.

The other fun part is now that Senator Cruz and Senator Lee have begun this effort there will have to be some sort of defining moment for the socialists and cowards in the Senate. That moment will be a recorded vote.

Oh please let it happen.

Ok, I was wrong about the two-fer, it’s a three-fer.

Chris Wallace has possible ended his journalist career if he does not name the low life Republican staffers who sent dirt about opponents of Democratcare to his silly show on Fox.

Sarah Palin smoked Wallace out – as she has many phonies in the past. She is calling for Wallace to name names!!

Why can’t liberals stop giving Sarah Palin the club to beat them with? I do not know.

But it sure is fun to watch.