Senator Surrender Monkey Speaks!

US Shamator Lindsey Grahamsy is so damn clever.

He has thought of a new name of DemocratCare. He is going to call it…ready – ClintonCare!

Boy THAT will teach’em.

Of course he can vote against ClintonCare before he capitulates for it. That is all foretold in the Washington, DC cards where everyone except a few brave holdouts eventually represent the power vested in the District rather than the people who are stuck living in the state the cowards came from.

I always like to think of a RINO as an elected Republican who has become part of the machine that runs America from the former swamp – where even the invertebrates who settled the area first had more spine.

“Republican in name only” doesn’t do the majestic rhino justice.

ClintonCare my ass. Grahamsy is just getting ready to grovel before the pants suit.

This is his version of an early start.