Sarah Austino - Organizing for Obama/America/ACORN/Action - NH Voter

Meet Sarah N. Austino – Organizing for America/Acorn/Action, New Hampshire voter.

Oh she has the standard pattern of history as most vote thieves who campaign in NH and take the time to vote from some single family residence. Check out her LinkedIn page:

She’s here she’s there, she’s everywhere. Like most voters who are informed regarding NH elections, Sarah makes it her business to help us get the right person in office. And why not! Obviously she has more first hand experience with political issues since she is involved in a different race in a different state every couple months.

Lucky for NH voters she will have the option of staying on the Meredith voter checklist until 2020.

Did I mention Sarah voted from the Avard F. Brann residence on 37 Highland Street.

Is she some sort of “renter” at this single family residence?

According to the famous Newburger v. Peterson lawsuit that supposedly gave non-resident student voters the right to select which state their vote counted most, unlike you and I who simply live in NH, Sarah Austino should have had the right to vote in her former domicile.

Here is the part of the 1972 case vote fraud proponents forget to mention:

“We are sensitive to the compelling need "to preserve the basic conception of a political community". Dunn v. Blumstein, supra, 92 S. Ct. at 1004. But the challenged New Hampshire law forces persons who are in every meaningful sense members of New Hampshire political communities to vote in communities elsewhere which they have long departed and with whose affairs they are no longer concerned, if indeed the former community still recognizes the right.”

In English this means:

You can not make a student promise to stay in NH in exchange for voting, nor can you force them to vote in a municipality they left – which may not even accept they are legal residents.

But poor Sarah has so many places she hangs her campaign buttons.

Check this out:

Right before Sarah Austino came to NH to campaign for Organizing for Acorn et al, she was NON-RESIDENT petition collector in Arizona!

That is her signature right there on the Arizona document. Which is something here in NH we are not allowed to see. Please avert your eyes.

So if Sarah Austion was a non-resident of Arizona in 2012 should we call some state before Arizona Sarah’s domicile?

How about her home at 322 Anderson Rd. Lantana, FL 33462-1764 where her phone is registered, she went to school, her family lives, etc., wouldn’t she be more like a Florida voter?

In any case, we will be tracking her past voting records and current voter registrations such as in Maryland or DC where she claims she is at the moment on her LinkedIn page. (I wonder if Sarah can get a DemocratCare waiver for all the good work she does?)

This voting thing is so confusing here in NH when you don’t have election laws like other states.