Ariel Castro Wins Again

Ariel Castro quietly took his own life – so there!

The man who lived to dominate everything under his control just did it again and in the act proved he is the big winner.

The asinine court sentence of 1,000 years for keeping young women as sex slaves for most of their young lives was icing on the cake.

He won again by setting the sentence aside on his own terms.

People who argue against the death penalty look life fools as much as the 1,000 year sentence the court dreamed up.

Instead of a public hanging, being tied to a post and shot, or drowned like a rat, Castro went quietly away to his reward with a cell-made hangman’s noose.

If the only retribution Ariel Castro would have paid for his horrible crime was a two mile walk to some rickety gallows, that might have been worth the trouble of keeping him for the 33 days he spent in jail, but no, we have to placate people who say they “believe” in something clearly unconstitutional – that is the notion that the death penalty is cruel and unusual.

A citizenry that does not severely and effectively punish humans who behave like animals puts everyone at risk.

If you don’t understand how animals like Ariel Castro think, you have no right to prosecute them.


How do you think a jury of his real “peers” would have punished him?

A bullet from a firing squad was appropriate.