How's That African Adventure Barack?

Maybe some of the elected officials asking, now “Vice President,” John Kerry how he and Obama will go about punishing Assad for killing children, will think to ask Kerry how that two year old, unilateral, US military venture into Africa has panned out.

In case you have deliberately not heard it from the Obamamedia, the US has had troops in the Central African Republic and Uganda for just about two years.

US boots on the ground chasing some half-assed murderer named Joseph Kony – with no plan, success, or hope of an end to the action.

This was an Obama military venture to “save the children” much like Waco Texas was under President Hillary and Bill.

So much for quick and surgical.

There are even less Kony followers in the Central African Republic than David Koresh had.

And here we go, year number two, come October, and our soldiers are still wandering around looking for a ghost in the jungle.

How come no press?

Luckily, I read the South African papers so I can find out what Obama is up to with our military.

It looks like a news media secret here in the states to me, but then most Obama failures do.

We simply live them, not hear about them.

On to Syria for whatever!

There’s a battle cry for ya.