Crimminals and Communists - Same Thing

And now it is safe to expose Obama for what he is?

As could be predicted by anyone with half a brain, the Chicago Mob that came with Obama to Washington, DC wants to enlarge its database and spy on political opponents. So they got complete control, through a Federal Judge, of the NSA to do it for them.

Why in the world would anyone, after seeing what the Arkansas Mob did when Hillary stole 900 FBI files, be surprised?

And you wonder why good people don’t run for higher office. Your phones are tapped, credit card expenditures combed through, school records exposed, IRS filings public – you name it.

Just because Obama over-reached, shot off his tele-prompter, spoke without authority, and got in over his community organizer head in wanting to attack Syria, the Washington Post is selling him out for spying on innocent Americans.

Whatever will RINO Republicans who went along with this do now?

Term limits people, term limits.