Moonbats for More Dark Money Don Their Rubbers

In remembrance of Granny D, some left wing activists are going to walk across NH – in the rain it looks like.

The laughable reason for this is what they have labeled this jaunt as a campaign to reform campaign finance.

Of course campaign finance reform will mean anything that helps liberal, left-wing progressives win elections.

Besides walking across our State they have a simple-minded goal:

Every new participant will promise to ask any presidential hopeful that comes to the state, "How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?"

(Hint: Term Limits helps)

How do lefties define “corruption” these days? That is a killer question.

I know it isn’t going to be about stealing 900 FBI files, firing the White House Travel Office employees, letting diplomats and embassy personnel get murdered, lying, illegal campaign donations, more lying or covering up for a husband who assaults women at the drop of a hat.

This must be some OTHER type of corruption.

Do you think a few chants will break out with the “big oil” Koch brothers boogie men blamed for everything from global warming to not enough flavors at Starbucks?

Wear something sensible moonbats.

Those Laplander hats soak up a lot of cold NH rain.