The FOX Is Loose In The CNN House

The latest liberal genius to run CNN Cable No-News into the ground is a guy named Zucker.

He was, according to Wikipidia, some kind of a big shot at Columbia University and went to Harvard. So he carries the sad, sad baggage of those institutions.

No wonder his network is going down hill fast.

The next logical step for Zucker would obviously be to attack the outstanding network kicking his, and all others, to the curb. That would be FOX.

He is alleging FOX is the home of the Republican Party.

Apparently he doesn’t watch the shows on FOX.

I wish FOX did pander to the Republican Party Platform but FOX’s biggest star is not much different than Zucker – he has tremendous out-of-control ego problems and his self esteem is off the charts. He has guests on only to showcase himself.

Did I mention this guy went to Harvard as well?

It must be in the bubbly water.

Thinking back about who actually runs the Republican Party, Big Oil, Halliburton, Wall Street, rich people, white people, Evangelicals, and of course, the Industrial Military Complex come to mind – from what I have learned listening to liberal media sources, who should know, right?

If Zucker is right about FOX News running the Repub. Party those other subversive groups should take notice and do something about it.

Or maybe Zucker is simply your standard Harvard, Columbia crybaby.