Cuomo's Motto

After several decades of telling people what elite liberals and progressives are all about Governor Andy Cuomo makes my case for me.

Cuomo is basically calling for “ethic cleansing” of “his” state.

If you don’t follow Andy Cuomo’s progressive agenda of preferential treatment for any sexual desire except traditional marriage between one man and one woman, you don’t really care about the Second Amendment, you want a nation of laws and not dictators, or you don’t believe government is the answer to all things, then get out.

But while you are stuck here in NY please pay our astronomical taxes – because we have the votes to take what you have and every freedom you enjoy.

Cuomo’s Motto.

That is what progressivism is all about.

Thank you Gov. Cuomo!

Now put your agenda in motion – in full light, for everyone to see.

Progressives see elections as a step in their direction with no looking back. Every win is forever and a logical part of total power in their hands. Elections are not about the voice of the voter.

That is why they steal elections by supporting voter fraud.

That is why liberal judges make up decisions that fit their agenda.

Normally they do this quietly.

Andy Cuomo is either off his meds, full of poll generated courage, or just plain stupid.

Either way, thanks.

(He may slightly retract his statement shortly – but he sent the signal he meant to be sent.)