Sit Judd, Good Boy - Now Speak!

Judd Gregg (R) Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (Morgan Stanley), has much the same advice for conservatives that Governor Mario Cuomo has announced in the last few days – get out!

This has me wondering?

Judd Gregg is now a CEO of a lobbying firm in D.C. where he has lived, except for Florida, for ages.

Elites in D.C. like liberal Republican posers:

In a statement issued Monday, incoming SIFMA Chairman Jim Rosenthal said Gregg is "a national leader and a respected voice on financial regulatory and economic issues," who, along with Bentsen, will help the Wall Street lobby accomplish its major goal of "increasing trust and confidence in the financial markets."

The goal of having Judd Gregg in this lobbying firm is to “increase trust and confidence in the financial markets?


Judd Gregg is going to do this by slamming the TEA Party’s idea of cutting the debt and stopping unnecessary spending?

Judd was all dizzy with excitement when Obama won his first election and Judd almost went to work for him. But he chickened out at the last minute.

Too doggone bad.

Gregg could have been part of printing more paper money than American taxpayers can ever pay pack.

NH citizens who voted for Gregg in the past, thinking he was a NH conservative, would have gotten a better look at him from a few years working with Obama’s hard left crew – where he belongs.

But 2014 finds Judd ensconced in a high powered banking firm and finally he can let his liberal, Washington-based hair down. And as expected, his first task is for the Democrat lobbying firm to mouth off about the conservatives in this country who give a damn.

I am glad I have never, ever, voted for him.

When the Concord Monitor and Huffpo are patting a so-called Republican on the back because he barked on command cross him off your list of people you need listen to.

And now Gregg is for amnesty – I almost forgot.