Stupid Lawyer Tricks By - Blake Andrew Roter and Russell Lasser Kornblith

Back in 2008 when the Second Coming was revving up his “If you like your doctor…” campaign for President/Executive Orderer speech, two young wann-be lawyers showed up in Manchester to campaign for him.

The morons names are Blake Andrew Roter and Russell Lasser Kornblith.

They shacked up in the downtown Manchester voter flophouse, 1200 Elm St. Unit 818.

Blake and Russell both used their real phone numbers which both trace back to their respective home states.

Blake A. Roter is now a practicing attorney at Burke, Warren, Mackay & Serritella, PC which is NOT in NH.

In 2006, this same Blake was reimbursed by the Lynch Campaign for “expences” using 4345 Phyllis Drive, North Brook, Il 60062-1025 as his address.

I don’t know where he voted from since then but it may come up.

On the other hand we have Blake’s roomie, Russell Lasser Kornblith (Harvard and Amherst), of 271 W. College St. Oberlin Oh. voting in the place of a real NH resident from the Unit 818 flophouse.

I guess when you are as smart as these two lawyer guys you can just waltz into a state where your vote counts more that your home state and steal a vote from a NH citizen.

These two gems are still on the Manchester voter checklist today, Jan. 22, 2014 – the same day CNHT will be having its first Voter Fraud Workshop at our office at 8 N. Main St. 6:30 pm.

Wait until the attendees see who voted from 1200 Elm St. Unit 816!!!