The Genius of Big Money Buckley

NH Democrat Party Chair, Big Money Ray Buckley’s big money team, is slowly using their big money donations from outside of NH to craft another very clever message to their low information voters.

Below is Big Money Buckley’s latest press release offer linking Scott Brown to “Big Oil” and now “Wall Street” with a dizzying array of facts and foot notes.

Only big money can buy messaging like this and the Democrats certainly have big money to pay Big Money Buckley.

I don’t have enough big money training to draft expert campaign messaging so I can only sit by and watch this clever, big money scheme unfold.

Here it is:

Concord –

While Scott Brown's own website is down, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has made a new one for him, highlighting all the reasons why Scott Brown is wrong for the Granite State. Entitled "Scott Brown NOT for New Hampshire," the site can be viewed by clicking here: [Link:]

The website shines a bright light on who wants Scott Brown back in the U.S. Senate and why it is not New Hampshire.  Brown has a long record of doing Big Oil and Wall Street's bidding, and they have an equally long record of spending millions of dollars on his campaigns. The site also draws attention to Brown's love of boasting about himself, and his life on Washington's 'A-list.'

“The facts are clear; Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, Scott Brown is for Big Oil, and Scott Brown is for Wall Street, but Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Big Oil and Wall Streetspecial interests want former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown back in the U.S. Senate to vote their own interests, not New Hampshire's."

"New Hampshire deserves a U.S. Senator focused on New Hampshire," added Kirstein.

(Mercifully, that is all there is this week. Ed)