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Please! No More Of Larry Lessig

Thankfully, mercifully, the NH Rebellion/Easter Mountain Sports Fashion Show has come to an end.

And the warming Earth was indeed shattered by the marching for less dollars, or something, in political campaigns.

See if this character in the video makes one single, definable, point about anything:


You know that if Bill Moyers was here in NH reporting on this parade of trust fund riff-raff, well, let’s say they would be more than welcome in Governor Cuomo’s New York.

The character in charge of the NH Rebellion /EMS Fashion Show is Larry Lessig.

And as usual, he is one smart guy, educated at Harvard and Stanford, which means he is just about as credible as a ham sandwich.

Here is the Wikipidia scoop on the professor:


Notice the Wiki photo pose on Larry. This is not an accident.

The hand on chin, glasses in corner of mouth, finger on side of face pose is standard for photos of European politicians and other great thinkers.

Yes. The NH Rebellion has made an impact on whatever it is they were upset about.

Pass the cheese and wine.


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