Farewell Tank

“Tank” has gone home.

His work is done here at the ranch.

I will miss his wooly face peeking between the bars of the gate but it was his time and his real owner took him back home.

Tank was a good ram, except for the time I turned my back on him – just for a second.

He had four of our best ewes in a ten by twenty stall with a 400lb round bale of hay for a month or so, heated water bucket, and goodies from a day-old bakery outlet.

Tank had it good.

So why would he try and take me out when I turned my back on him?

Maybe that is why he was wearing a good sized metal cow bell on his collar.

I heard the bell coming from about twenty feet away – so I know it wasn’t an accident that when I turned around and looked him in the eye he slammed on the brakes and acted like nothing was going on.

Still, we were pals. I don’t hold a grudge against Tank for just doing what rams do.

This spring, after we lamb, and we have a couple little “Tanks” running around, I’m thinking I better get some bells for the new guys - just as insurance.

I wouldn’t want my little “Tanks” to find out what happens to rams here on the ranch who hit me from behind and knock me down.

Our old ram “Rambo” got me twice.

He never got a third chance.