Congratulations Hanover Voters!

Here is another guy who voted in your place – if you are a legitimate New Hampshire taxpayer:

Our old friend from London, England, Europe - Parker Gilbert a Dartmouth student awaiting his rape trial.

The story above recounts how his defense team will try and root out the personal history of the alleged victim and try and destroy her credibility.

Whether that legal strategy works, or not, one thing remains. A citizen of another country had no problem whatsoever voting in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Not wanting to intimidate any potential voter is the claim NH liberals have used to legislatively undermine every election law that guarantees election purity.

The blinders the Attorney General’s Election Law Division wears when faced with evidence of voter fraud help let non-citizens of the United States take your NH vote away.

And we can thank Dartmouth College as well.

They relish the local control they have over the surrounding towns full of the lower classes. Elites think they should hold the upper hand in something as serious as election moonbat representatives.

Special consideration goes to Hanover Moderator and Voter Traffic Control Officer – Willie Black, who has her own special rules made for non-residents.

Voter fraud teamwork prevails in the 1% municipality of Hanover, NH.