Big Oil, Big Oil, Big Oil!

Here, posted in NH are a few new posts by our progressive friends on the far left – the NH Big Money Democrat Party.



And as usual these highly paid, big money Democrats are running against any issue, person or thing with a short list of words they repeat over and over.

I guess the big money Democrat Party must know their voters more that anyone.

Oh, the poor women big money Democrats have targeted and who are portrayed as too feeble to stand up for themselves and read a real article. They are going to have to go through a repeat of the 2012 election because the big money Democrats can’t brag about free health care they were promised.

If anything or anyone is “radical” wouldn’t it be the 60’s hippies, international hedge fund managers, and elitist Silicon Valley millionaires  who fund the big money Democrats in our state?

They are proud radicals – always have been.

The problem with the big money Democrat radicals is that every progressive idea they come up with runs out of money and doesn’t work.

That is why there is not a peep to be found in the big money Democrat press releases about ObamaCare – or should I be more precise – DemocratCare.