Big Money Buckley

I know when I see genius word-smithing and big money Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley has delivered again. This is why Buckley is paid big money by the Democrat Party.

Part of being a successful party chairman and getting paid the big money is being able to write a press release that subtly gets the point across to very intelligent readers. Even if it costs big money to have an expert come up with the carefully crafted text it is worth it – big money or not.

Big Money Buckley has been so adept at avoiding criticism for being paid big money for his job as big money chairman that hardly anyone knows how much Democrat money has been pealed off the top the big money donations to pay Big Money Buckley his big money.

Well, four seems to be the perfect number of one and two sentence paragraphs in a genius press release. I can certainly tell a Hilltop Public Solutions press release form a Big Money Buckley press release – and true genius.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the artwork below:

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement about the dishonest attack ad dumped in New Hampshire by Scott Brown’s buddies, the Big Oil Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity Super PAC. It’s part of a national campaign to stop health care, and the second ad aimed at attracting rejected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown into the New Hampshire race.

In his last campaign, Scott Brown was caught on video thanking David Koch for his money and pleading for even more
Big Oil contributions. Brown has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of big oil money.

Big Oil Koch Brothers desperately want Scott Brown back in the Senate, representing their interests, not ours. Scott Brown’s already voted to protect Big Oil’s special tax breaks. So they’ve added New Hampshire to their national smear campaign, and they’re spending big bucks on phony attacks on our Senator Jeanne Shaheen,” said Buckley.

Big Oil Koch Brothers don’t care about the people of New Hampshire. They want to kill health care and stop people from getting health insurance and, they want a friend of big oil, Scott Brown, back in the Senate, giving big oil all the breaks. "