Don't Miss This Big Democrat Event - Ladies

Former President Clinton will appear with Democrat WOMEN at a Democrat fundraiser on Oct. 16, 2014.

From their ad:

We look forward to seeing you, President Clinton, Senator Shaheen and Governor Hassan on October 16!


--2014 Jefferson Jackson Celebration Team

Oh how soon we forget that the “Democrat War on Women” started in Arkansas motel rooms, private meetings, in limousines, at secret love nests, and in the Oval Office itself when voters elected the Bill “the Rapist, Flasher, Masher,” Clinton.

Imagine Democrats in New Hampshire celebrating a serial abuser who would have Arkansas State Troopers summon unsuspecting young women to his motel room so he could pull his pants down in front of them?

Here we are in 2014 watching NH Democrats honor a pervert who used a young, infatuated, intern as a sex toy in the Oval Office?

Yes that is where the NH Democrat party is right now in New Hampshire celebrating the ability of their man to dodge punishment for attacking women – then getting their votes!

Get over it Democrats. That is where your Democrat Party is when it comes to helping women (good looking women preferred by Bill but he will, as history shows, attack just about anything in a skirt).

And he couldn’t get away with it without Hillary’s help.

Nice candidates.

Have a great time at the dinner.